Tomasz Knapik was born in Wroclaw, Poland where he studied printmaking and graphic design at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design. Now he lives and works in Dublin where he continues his art practice at Black Church Print Studio and Richmond Road Studios.

Printmaking for me involves a thorough investigation of all its capabilities and restrictions. My preferred technique is Intaglio. What attracted me to this medium is its mirror image factor and how it interferes with ‘seeing’ during the act of creation. In other words, my expectations don’t become a reality until the image emerges at the final stage of printing. This intuitive approach allows me to experiment and develop my connection with this process. I have also confined my practice to substractive methods of intaglio so every physical intervention of the plate leaves a permanent mark. The mark is irreversible. The final impression is doomed from its impact.

8th International Print Biennial, Douro, Portugal, 2016
RHA 186th Annual Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland, 2016
Halftone, Dublin, Ireland, 2015
18th International Print Biennial VarnaBulgaria, 2015
2nd Global Print, Portugal, Douro, 2015
RHA 184th Annual ExhibitionDublin, Ireland 2014
International Print Biennial 2014 ROCTaichung, Taiwan, 2012
Tribuna GraphicCluj, Romania, 2012
From Dublin to LACalifornia, USA, 2010
He Wants RevengeDublin, Ireland, 2010
de Light boxDublin, Ireland, 2009
SymmetryDublin, Ireland, 2009
International Print Biennial of BeijingBeijing, China, 2003